I cannot ‘other’ those that took the injections. If we do, we go down the road of bad actors of the past. I have to have faith that these injections will eventually wear off and will not horribly alter our species. I cannot just write off 90% of my family and friends.

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Apr 30, 2022Liked by Lawrence Butts

There is some emerging data that would suggest a child born to “vaccinated” parents (both parents jabbed) will be infertile. Igor Chudov has covered this a bit on his Substack.

That fits nicely with the desire for depopulation.

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Sometimes I write that historians in the future will consider "global warming" to be the biggest crime, even worse than war, Communism, nuclear weapons, racism, slavery, drug addiction, CRT, Satanism, whatever.

But this mRNA cluster certainly gives that some competition.

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Thank you Lawrence....it does seem like the new species is not as viable. What a thing to do to what was a human being. Can we ever forgive ourselves? Should we?

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May 2, 2022Liked by Lawrence Butts

Karma will eventually come for all the people who pushed these jabs. I have better things to do with my time on this Earth.

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Actually a major thought is that a good bit of human DNA is result of remnants left behind from foreign viral infections our distant ancestors passed them on to us. From viruses that didn’t kill the whole population. I didn’t take the jab cause 1. It was experimental 2. It used m-RNA and could easily get in DNA strands. And 3. They needed a control group for a real scientific experiment. I knew nothing prior to covid going viral about it but rapidly knew my risks were smal, less than 1%!! So… i never got sick.

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Here is a nice compilation of vids about the sect of perpetrators of this crime, and the blind followers and worshipers of the same. https://odysee.com/@signalsofvirtue:d/Jesuit-Jumble-Part-4:9 (this is part 4, but I suggest starting at part 1)

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Maybe the vaxxed will devolve into something like the Morlocks, from H.G. Wells', "The Time Machine". They probably won't last long though, as they seem to be enthusiastic about saccing their own offspring.

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Excellent. Somehow I don't think the Atlantic will pick this up for next edition.

But I would like to post this on every telephone pole, community bulletin board in every gas station I could

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A village next to ours is having a big "Let's all be friends again" community festival to "bring everyone together" after the last two years. I feel like telling them to go to hell. There is no "We" anymore. There is only Them and Us.

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This concept you wrote about also applies to . .

Osquitoos....I mean mosquito




And ....

Sundry Public officials of all description

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We have to learn with ignorance and try to be so patient to inform you of so very much.


You HAVE BEEN LIVING WITH "THEM". Over many years prior to this Grand Flu Fraud, THEY have been trying to survive after being infected, injected, GMO'd, Polluted - externally and internally, processed food with additives etc., Drs who are ignorant as their training has been so influenced since 1910, then Big Pharma and other vested interests in making $$$from Human health disorders, Chem trails over the towns/cities and so much more that is foreign to human beings physiology. Many of these QUIET sufferers REFUSE to be Jabbed now as they have already gone through so many Auto Immune Disorders'/illnesses because of these obsessed Scientists' - & $$$ obsessed, compulsive LIARS........Schwab’s, Price Charlies and similar ilk – read ELITE CRIMINALS.

The list of illnesses that were NEVER around before the last 40 odd years and the high numbers of Auto Immune Disorders, - BEFORE this Sputnik man engineered model, and that people have been dumbed down for many years, that they now think that a jab & pills are THE answers to a cure, instant recovery from illnesses.

I could write and write of facts across so many areas of life that have been manipulated etc., but you really need to go and learn to research, learn and THINK!

Millions throughout the World have AUTO IMMUNE DISORDERS especially for the last 40 years, and I am NOT only referring to the AIDS Sufferers.

HISTORY REPEATS Itself. THINK!! It’s the façade that changes with the era.

WHY do you think we have so many Chronic and Rare diseases??? People rarely got ill, even the common cold was unusual, when I was a young person, look at all the variety of Cancers now. WHY do you think that cures are suppressed by media, health dept.’s etc.

Autism has gone from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 42 children in USA and is still accelerating.

WHY do you think all the ill were JABBED - right at the beginning especially.

Easy targets and it could be written up as Prior illnesses too.

FREE DOWNLOAD READ Dr Judy Mikovits book who was crucified by Fauci as have many others.

It’s called “The Plague of Corruption".

Have the backbone to leave this comment on your site and PLEASE UNSUBSCRIBE ME I have too much living to do and have EARNT IT!!! I have no more time to Research for an International Health site UK for FREE, nor write on individuals sites where they earn money for indulgent nonsense.

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